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Miles Mccarroll

Film | Year 2
Bath Spa University Film and Television Digital Production
The Deco: The Ballad of Smokey Tears
I'm Miles Mccarroll, Director of The Deco: The Ballad of Smokey Tears and spearhead of a little independent production group we call SentinelWorks. I have spent three years learning and developing on the craft of filmmaking, all the while teaming up with others that simply just want to make stuff that someone like you or else would enjoy! The idea with this film was to both kickstart our group's beginnings, alongside expanding on my skills as a visual storyteller- with setting a new technological bar thanks to its higher resolution and clearer sound than anything we have made before. Smokey Tears represents three, very long, years into my filmmaking journey. We hope you enjoy!
The Detective, named Anton, finds himself travelling around with only a letter and a map left behind by a man only known as "Calamity". Leading him to a rural village after a year in searching, he encounters a mysterious stranger who follows him while picking up shards of a broken cube placed in various places local and struggling to remember a past trauma. In this sequel to The Last Deco, this action mystery tale that is a genre-bending experience unlike anything before. Presented in 4K Ultra High Definition.
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