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Haydn Ormsby

Film | Year 1
UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production – TV and Film
The Luggy Killings
This trailer is based upon a brave, smart and curious young teen who has decided to take on her mum’s cold case. Using a video camera, she documents her findings as she goes through a dangerous path.Why did I do this? - Over the last year I have been inspired to create a short film using POV camera shots as I find them interesting due to the fact, they make you feel more engrossed whilst watching the film. Last term in small groups we created some horror films, but I ended up taking on most of my groups work like, filming directing, planning and editing. This further resulted in me being tiered of creating films, so I decided to take my idea and implement it into a trailer as there built up of multiple different structures and scenes.
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