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Georgina Cadd

Art and Design | Year 2
Exploring textiles through short courses
Natural Elements
The theme of my project is natural elements, I have been exploring elements of the natural world through textiles as a specialism. I have created a series of eight knitted and felted pieces mounted on aged planks. These have been knitted with a combination of 100% wool, naturally dyed and synthetic yarns. Three of these have been felted. These pieces are designed to be representative of the colours and textures seen within moss and lichen. I have also created a pair of garments, the first with a fabric wrapped top and a woven skirt, the second a printed and embroidered top with a wire wrapped skirt inspired by branches. Finally I have created a series of 3D pieces these are knitted samples dipped in plaster with further knit work wrapped over them to create an alternative representation of the shapes and texture of moss.
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