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Freya Mae

Foundation Art and Design – Fine Art | Year 2
Bath Spa University to study Fine Art
The Decay Of Art
With Valerie Hegarty as my main inspiration, my work depicts the forgotten as artists abandoned the classical tradition in favour of new media and aesthetic ideals, as art historians moved their concentration from formal beauty analysis to cultural interpretation. I aimed to express the lost art styles through the decay and destruction and by using the style Vanitas for this piece, I've represented the abandoned art concepts. I have a personal view that Old Art had a considerably more philosophical side to it, rather than focussing on it's aesthetic and value. I used all my fine art skills that I've learned over the past year to produce a Mixed media piece with a focus on the 3D side which I always shied away from. I responded to my project theme as I considered various art history elements in my artwork and integrated the Botanical decay into my concept. This project has been crucial for my contextual studies that will allow me to excel in University.
Freya Mae

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