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Faerieday Head

Art and Design | Year 1
Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Practice: Art, Design and Communication. Wiltshire College
The Selkie and the Kelpie
My theme was Celtic mythology, and I decided to look at them through a 1600s lens, the Selkie court gown shows the extravagant finery of the English court roughly 1670-80. I used a blue/green two tone taffeta fabric for the skirt and the smooth covered stays, and then the cape was made from a white faux fur. Then the Kelpie riding habit, a more practical outfit which a lady would wear to ride- and which took inspiration from menswear. For the latter I used a thin woven fabric in navy blue for the jacket and skirt, and a blue organza for the over skirt and over-sleeves. I explored use of a green cotton in strips to represent pondweed which is often depicted in imaged of the kelpie.

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