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Daniel Martin

Film | Year 2
Apprenticeship/ full time employment/ travel
Nightmare In Reality
I originally created my FMP from my mind which started with just an idea. I then brainstormed my idea and thought into it further and I found existing films that are similar so I could then use them as inspiration to develop further on my idea and get the help I need to structure my idea. The motivation came from my friends and teachers helping me throughout and giving me ideas on ways to improve. I wanted to test my skills and use them to my advantage as best as possible. I picked up more skills along the way such as photoshop. The plot is about a student who falls asleep in class and wakes up instantly except they haven’t woken up and they are stuck in their own dream which is about a group of people who are hunting down civilians and as seen he is the only person about. In the future I am not yet sure what I would like to do in the future I would hope to be able to get into the film industry some how as it would be a shame to waste what I have learnt here. Although I will still keep these skills and can use them in the future it is always good to have these skills I never know when an opportunity may appear.
DAN FMP Poster

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