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Brynja Kendall-Martin

Film | Year 2
Winchester University, Creative Writing BA(Hons) Level 4-6
Red Bull Advert
I have created this piece because I was interested in advertisements and Red Bull as a brand. I was motivated by the different techniques used to film adverts like lighting techniques and shot transitions. This advert is a unique spin on Red Bull’s own adverts, where they have used completely animated adverts, I mixed those skills of animation and filming product shots to create something new but familiar. Learning the skill of frame-by-frame animation was very time-consuming and tedious, however, the result was always satisfying to see when it was all put together. These skills could help me in the future because I am more familiar with using After Effects and editing software, despite this, my plans for the future do not involve post-production instead I hope to create stories and write scripts for the film industry.
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