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Anthony Kasidov

Games Development | Year 2
Online Animation School (likely AnimSchool)
Piltover & Zaun Diorama
Since the time my first years’ final project was complete, I’ve learnt a good amount of new techniques and workflows for Blender. The geometry nodes system was released, which obviously was a good opportunity for me to learn them, since they are a more flexible method for controlling the layout of objects in a scene. They are useful for procedurally making certain details on models, or even generating a full object, with the ability to easily change variables like density, scale, rotation, position etc. Acquiring knowledge into this helped with my decision to make a diorama of a room because that type of concept commonly seeks a lot of imperfections like scattered objects, dust, and any other small details you may notice in an interior. You could even go as far as altering the amount of planks used in the floor as an example. This is far more beneficial than before when geometry nodes weren’t released yet, because without them you needed to work with tedious methods. There was no simple way to organise a group of geometric details and be able to edit variables you want to control for that same group.
The aim of my project is to make an animated 3D diorama scene consisting of an interior room styled to look alike and take place in two fictional cities called Piltover and Zaun from League of Legends. The research and ideas that will support my development will be from a huge portion of Arcane, which is a Netflix series that takes place within the same locations. There are plenty of shots that show the interior and exterior of them, which is perfect to use for inspiration for my scenes. The tools I plan on using will be Blender and most likely Photoshop. The research I’ll be including will also involve some tutorials for hard surface modelling with sculpting tools, as well as reference images of the city so I can know how my room should look when following the intended style. How I’ll use other people’s feedback is by asking them if they think that the room efficiently follows the style I was going for, and depending on what they think or suggest, I can make changes that will make it closer. I’m also planning to make use of the new geometry nodes features in Blender, so that I can scatter objects and add randomness wherever needed in the interior.
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