Safeguarding Wiltshire College hands image with paper people holding hands


If you have any concerns about yourself, your friends or other students in terms of safeguarding radicalisation, or exploitation  report this through your tutor or directly to the safeguarding team.

The safeguarding team are available
8.30am-5pm weekdays (term time only) or email

Safeguarding & Tutorial Manager 01249 466299 or 07824 170018

There is a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead on each of our campuses:
Trowbridge 01225 756367  or  07795 247599 
Chippenham 01249 465284  or 07824 753630
Lackham  01249 466834 or 07785 950421
Lackham Residential 01249 466896 or 07775597986 
Salisbury 01722 344376  or 07799 201530 

For more information on well-being support check out the Student Life page in the menu under Student Services. Please see our policies on the menu under About Us on the polices page.

Out of Hours Support

If you need any support out of normal college working hours, These websites signposts children and young people in Wiltshire to sources of support for good mental health and emotional wellbeing numbers for you. In an emergency always call 999.

Safe and Respectful Culture

The College is committed to keeping a safe and respectful culture where you can flourish and achieve. We promote British Values through our Respect and Prevent campaigns. We aim to make our staff and students aware of, and how to respond to, risks such as:

  • Physical, emotional abuse and neglect
  • Internet safety
  • Bullying & Cyberbullying
  • Extremism & Radicalisation (Prevent)
  • Sexual Abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Financial abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Substance Abuse
  • Drug Crime
  • Child Sexual Exploitation


The importance of tolerance and respect for diversity and equal opportunity are promoted through the Colleges  as part of the safe and respectful culture and the ongoing Respect Campaign.



Prevent is a legal duty placed on the College to protect vulnerable individuals from being drawn into extremism and radicalisation. The young people being radicalised are often students in FE/HE environments. 

What does Radicalisation and Extremism mean?

  • Radicalisation is the process through which an individual changes to become more militant or extremist with an intent to become involved with or support violence
  • Extremism is when an individual or group holds extreme political or religious views