The Exams Office, based at Trowbridge campus, deals with every aspect of examinations including entry forms, setting deadline dates, organising exams and issuing results and certificates. You will be notified when to collect certificates.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your exam entry forms are completed and handed in by the relevant closing date! Get exam entry forms from Reception. Late entries will incur a late entry fee or may not be accepted at all.

Click here to view the current exams list and select by campus location.
If you have special considerations for your exams then you may not find your date & time in the link above. Please contact your tutor for the details of when and where you need to attend for your exam.
If you have an exams related question or problem, please email us on
Examination rules are instituted by the Joint Council for Qualifications so that there is a level playing field across the whole country and candidates have equal opportunity - it is our responsibility as a College to enforce these and we are not at liberty to change them or make any concessions. Random Inspections are carried out by JCQ to check that we are running exams correctly & adhering to these rules.

The main conditions are:

  • Students must attend exams they have been entered for. Exams can only be taken on the day and time stated.
  • All late arrivals have to be reported to the Exam Board who have the right to refuse the script. Oversleeping or missing the bus is not an acceptable explanation for lateness. Special Consideration can be given by the Exam Board if a candidate is ill or there are exceptional circumstances, but there must be supporting documentation such as a doctor’s certificate. If this should happen please contact the Examinations Office for advice
  • On the day of an exam they should assemble quietly no later than 10 minutes before the exam is due to start and observe correct behaviour as they enter the exam room and until they are allowed to leave, this includes remaining silent.
  • Under no circumstances must mobile phones, pagers, MP3s, iPods or any other electronic or radio communication devices be taken into an Examination Room. The Exam Boards are very strict on this matter and papers have been cancelled when a candidate has had a mobile phone in their possession. Even if a mobile phone or other device is switched off, it is still classed as unauthorised.
  • Pencil cases must be completely transparent. As a general guide students MUST have 2 BLACK pens/biros, a pencil, rubber and a ruler. Teaching staff will advise for particular exams whether any other equipment will be needed.
  • No items should be on the desk. Correcting fluid or correcting pens are not allowed – corrections should be crossed out, but all work must be submitted. No gel pens or highlighters should be used.
  • Only clear bottles of water with labels removed are allowed, no other types are acceptable.
  • Students must observe absolute silence in the Exam Room and follow instructions given by Invigilators.