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Lackham Accommodation

Residential Accommodation is inspected by OfSTED who measure the quality of our residential provision against ‘national minimum standards’ and the OfSTED 2018 inspection has awarded Wiltshire College as ‘Good’. For more information  please contact the Accommodation Team - AccommodationLA@wiltshire.ac.uk or 01249 466876 or search the drop down boxes below where you will find information on all aspects of accommodation. Please do not hesitate to phone the accommodation team for any further enquiries or information, who will be happy to help you. We offer tours of Accommodation on our Lackham Open Days or you can book a time and date to have a look around by contacting the team on 01249 466876.



Click here to apply for Accommodation at Lackham


All students who have received an offer of a place to study at the College, Lackham via the Admissions Team/UCAS can apply for a room in Halls of Residence accommodation - just complete the form found by clicking on the blue link above - 'Apply for Accommodation at Lackham'.

For further information please contact: Accommodation Team on AccommodationLA@wiltshire.ac.uk or call 01249 466876

The process outlined below:

1. You will need to go onto the college website and apply to residential accommodation.


2. Once you have done this you will need to pay the £250 deposit  via the online shop –

At this stage your deposit is non-returnable but you place in accommodation is secure.


Once you have completed Stage 1 and 2 we will contact you and release the accommodation paperwork pack for you to complete and return as soon as possible.

3. This pack needs to be completed and returned to us by the end of June:

4. Finally return all the completed evidence with:

  • 4 passport photos.
  • £20 annual contribution to student enrichment activites.
  • On completion and return of all documents, we will confirm in writing your move in date.

Please return pack via Registered/Recorded post

Delivery to:

Accommodation Team, Accommodation Office, Avon Centre, Wiltshire College Lackham, Lacock, Chippenham. SN15 2NY

Ridgeway Hall of Residence for FE over 18 students and HE students

Ridgeway Hall of Residence contains 45 En-suite rooms, including designated adapted units. Each room has a single bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and a bathroom containing a shower, toilet and wash basin. The small kitchenette includes a sink, fridge/freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle and generous storage space for food. Ridgeway now has a brand new communal kitchen and dining area to be shared by residents. The accommodation includes heating, lighting, unlimited wired and wireless internet access, 7 days a week accommodation (term time only) and cleaning.

  • Single Self-catered Accommodation Fees: £110.00 per week.
  • Single Half board Accommodation Fees: £147.00 per week, this fee includes 10 meals per week.

Standard Halls of Residence for under 18 students

Standard Halls of Residence comprise 76 rooms, each room has a wash basin, single bed, bedside cabinet, wardrobe, desk and chair.

Communal baths, showers, toilets and additional wash basins are shared between rooms on each floor. Each Hall has a kitchen and communal area furbished with sink, fridge/freezer, microwave, kettle, toaster and limited food storage facilities. The accommodation includes heating, lighting, unlimited wireless internet access, 7 days a week accommodation (term time only) and cleaning.

  • Single Half board Accommodation Fees: £133.00 per week, this fee includes 10 meals per week.
All residential students in Halls are required to pay a £250.00 deposit through the Wiltshire College ‘Online Shop’ to confirm their acceptance of the accommodation offer of a place in Halls of Residence. This includes £220.00 against damages and £30.00 for keys/fobs. Both deposits are returnable at the end of the accommodation contract if there are no attributable damage charges.

Deposits are not returnable at the application stage, a refund of the deposit will only be approved if the student fails to achieve the grades to get on their chosen course.

An inventory of the condition of the room and communal areas is agreed at the beginning of occupancy and this is inspected and agreed by the Accommodation Team at the end of the accommodation contract when the resident vacates the accommodation. If there is no damage the deposit is returned in full. The key deposit is refunded with the room deposit unless the keys have been lost or damaged, resulting in a charge of £15.00 per key/fob.

Students are encouraged to report damages to their rooms and communal areas to a member of the Accommodation Team. The College reserves the right to levy a reasonable cost of repair or replacement of goods in circumstances where the damage is not attributable to normal wear and tear.

Accommodation fees will be invoiced to residents at their home address at he beginning of their occupancy. The accommodation statement will include details of the termly payment dates in October, January and April, minus any residential bursary awarded. Payments should be made to the Finance Department by the due date each term.

Failure to pay accommodation fees may result in a student being asked to leave Halls of Residence. Students and parents who find it difficult to meet the accommodation payment deadlines are encouraged to discuss a payment plan with the finance team.

Ridgeway Hall of Residence - HE and Over 18 students

  • Single Self-catered Accommodation Fees: £110.00 per week.
  • Single Half board Accommodation Fees: £147.00 per week, this fee includes 10 meals per week.

Standard Halls of Residence - FE Under 18 students

  • Single Half board Accommodation Fees: £133.00 per week, this fee includes 10 meals per week.

Many of our students are eligible for bursary and therefore will not pay the full fee, please see the Residential Bursary tab below.

Residential students will be charged for the academic year. For Further Education students this will be a 36 week contract and for Higher Education student this will be a 32-34 week contract. There will not be a reduction for weeks when a room is vacant by a residential student for holidays, study tours, work experience or illness.

All accommodation must be vacated during Christmas, Easter and Summer vacations, and all Half Terms. Rooms should be emptied of personal possessions and left in a clean and tidy state. All accommodation needs to be vacated during half terms. Students may at their own risk, leave possessions in halls during the half terms unless essential cleaning, letting or refurbishment is planned. Occupation of rooms during vacations or half terms is strictly prohibited and keys/fobs must be returned to accommodation before leaving for college closures and vacations.

The Accommodation Team make every effort to offer residential students their first choice of accommodation, please make any requests known to us on your application form or contact one of the accommodation team who will support you with this request. We are however, constrained in what we can do as we are governed by legislation that requires the College to separate under 18s from over 18s, as well as separating male and female residents for under 18 students. Room transfer requests will normally be considered at half terms and end of terms and where necessary, admin charges may be applied.

If an under 18 residential student becomes 18 during the academic year, we will transfer the student to an over 18 hall as close to the students birthday. Please note that this is not always possible and therefore it may be necessary for the resident to remain in under 18 accommodation and adhere to the rules and regulations relevant to the under 18 Hall until a confirmed moving date is given.

All rooms in the Halls of Residence are single occupancy. In exceptional circumstances, students requiring temporary ‘duty rooms’ may be asked to share but only when both students are under or over 18 and of the same gender. All under 18 students will be housed in single sexed blocks with curfew. All over 18 students will be housed in Ridgeway, a mixed gender over 18 block with ensuite, without curfew.

The comprehensive Accommodation Team provide pastoral support, well being and supervision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (term time only). The staff are dedicated to safeguarding and the welfare and safety of all residential students. The Accommodation Office is open 24/7 with all staff working a 'waking' shift and the Accommodation Team are on duty 24/7 - 7 days a week (term time only). The Accommodation Team are on call with a duty phone for all enquiries,information, wellbeing concerns, parental consents and  emergencies.

All residential students are required to sign their Licence to Occupy which is the residential accommodation contract which is distributed with the formal offer of accommodation. All residential students are subject to the College’s Code of Conduct. Any breaches of the Code of Conduct or Licence to Occupy will be dealt with according to the College Disciplinary Procedure, a summary of which is available in the Student Information Booklet.

Residents under the age of 18 are required to ‘sign in’ at the Accommodation Office each evening before the residential curfew at 23:00. Students will be signing in to confirm that they are going back to their Hall of Residence, not that they are simply ‘on campus’. Each student will then be accompanied back to their hall by a member of staff. Curfew remains in place until each morning at 07.30am. If students wish to stay off campus overnight, parents/guardians must contact a member of the Accommodation Team and give parental permission before the student leaves campus and the student must sign out in the Accommodation office before leaving the campus.

Liaison between parents/guardians of residents under the age of 18 and the Accommodation Team is encouraged and parents/guardians will be given a 24 hour duty telephone contact number they can use. Parents/guardians collecting and leaving their son or daughter in Halls during the year are required to report, in the first instance, to the Accommodation Office, and do so at times specified so as to cause minimum disruption to others.

The Lackham Restaurant is located next to Reception and the opening times are:

Breakfast: 08:00am to 10:30am

Mid Morning Snack: 10:30am to 12 midday

Lunch: 12 midday to 2:00pm

Mid Afternoon : 2:00pm to 4:30pm

Evening Meal: 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Dietry Requirements - for specific dietry requirements, please inform staff on application.


The Avon Centre is the focal point for students during the day and evening. There are snack machines, tuck shop, wifi, a jukebox, table football, Xbox, large projection screen and pool tables.There is also a multi use lounge for residential students to use during the day and evenings. The Student Bar is central to student social life and the Accommodation Team organise social events and enrichment activities in the evenings and weekend. All students are encouraged to use the bar area, but students are only served alcohol if they are over the age of 18. The bar is open from Monday to Saturday 8pm to 11pm and Sunday 8pm to 10:30pm.

Wellbeing and Support:

During your time in accommodation you will have access to many different support networks. These include assignment workshops and study groups, to well being advisors and councillors. There is also access to learning support and safeguarding needs, to find out more information please ask a member of the accommodation team who can support you with this request or visit the college website under student services.

A gym is available to all residential students Monday - Friday, on request. Times can be arranged with a member of the Accommodation Team. Residents must be supervised in the gym at all times. The sports hall is located next to the gym and is used for a variety of sports activities in the evenings and weekends.