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Apprenticeships: Earn While You Learn

In this section you will find the menu for Apprenticeship Information, How to Apply and Apprenticeships Levy. On the Information page there are some great case studies and videos to check out. Our Apprenticeship Levy page is information on funding available to the employer. The How to Apply page will give you guidence on how to start your journey as an apprentice. If you are an employer considering taking on an apprentice, please see our contact information at the bottom of this page. Here is our helpful Safeguarding and Prevent Guide for employers - keeping your apprentices safe.


A Great Alternative to Traditional Learning

Apprenticeships give learners the opportunity to earn while they learn, as they work alongside experienced staff members, acquiring job specific skills at their place of work and gain nationally recognised qualifications as they go. Apprenticeships also provide learners with the opportunity to progress onto higher level qualifications such as University or progress onto higher or degree level apprenticeships.

Depending on the apprenticeship programme, assessments and training are carried out in the apprentice’s workplace or via day release to the relevant Wiltshire College campus. Every apprentice will have a Wiltshire College assessor assigned to them who will carry out reviews and visit them in their workplace once every twelve weeks to ensure knowledge and competence is being developed within the apprentice’s job role.


A Proven Way of Creating a More Effective Workforce

By harnessing fresh new talent and addressing your skills gaps directly, you can ensure that your organisation has access to the practical skills and qualifications it needs now and for the future. In fact,over 136,000 workplaces throughout the UK offer Apprenticeships in over 80 different industries because they understand the benefits that apprentices can bring to their business.

Why Apprenticeships are Good for Business

Apprenticeships are work based training programmes designed around the needs of employers, leading to nationally recognised qualifications which can be used to train both new and existing employees. Apprenticeships are a proven way of creating a more efficient and skilled workforce and make great business for employers of all sizes:

The Facts:
• 88% of apprentice employers believe apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce, leading to greater loyalty and quality
• 82% of apprentice employers take on apprentices to build the skills capacity within their business
• 81% of apprentice employers say apprentices make their business more productive
• 80% of apprentice employers believe employing apprentices has reduced their staff turnover

These are just some of the key reasons why apprenticeships are good for business!
To find out more about how Wiltshire College can support you to recruit and train an apprentice for your business, please contact or call 0845 345 2235.