Wiltshire College is committed to the wellbeing of its students and is aware there may be times when you need support and assistance with your studies or personal issues. The College provides a number of services to support you:

Tutorial support

If you are a full time student you will have a personal tutor who will:

• Keep an eye on your attendance, punctuality and progress on your course and take appropriate actions to keep  you on track
• Provide you with an induction into college and college life
• Meet with you for 1:1 tutorials and progression checks
• Encourage you to attend student enrichment that will give you opportunities for personal development
• Help you to develop good study skills
• Help you to set targets to help you progress through the year
• Listen to you if there are personal issues you want to discuss and refer you to appropriate support

Please visit our Safeguarding page for further information about our safeguarding policies.

Wellbeing Advisers

Each campus has a wellbeing adviser to support you with personal, social, health and wellbeing matters on a day-to-day basis. The wellbeing advisor may signpost you to other support services as appropriate

Alison Birchall- Chippenham/Lackham
Elizabeth De Pass- Salisbury
Charlotte Lanfear- Trowbridge

Visit our counselling page for more information about how we can support you.