What is a Residential Bursary?

Each year, the College hold funds to provide Residential Bursaries and discretionary financial support for students from low income households. 

How do I know if I am eligible?

In order find this out, you first need to complete a Bursary Assessment Form which will ask you questions that will help us calculate your annual household income. Your household income is based on the combined income of all parent/guardians (including step parents, parent’s partners and grandparents).

If you are living with a partner or spouse independently, we need to know about this person’s income too.

You must provide us with evidence to demonstrate your household income otherwise we will not accept your application. Please send photocopies only – we cannot take responsibility for originals sent by post.

How do I apply for a Residential Bursary?

To apply a Residential Bursary, you can request a Bursary Assessment Form from the Residential Accommodation Manager at Lackham campus at AccommodationLA@wiltshire.ac.uk or call 01249 466876/466896.

Applications will only be considered if the student has been offered a place on a Wiltshire College Full Time course (10 weeks or more) and is 16 years of age or over and living on campus or in private external accommodation in order to attend their course. Please note, students enrolled on Higher Education (university level) courses cannot apply for a Residential Bursary.

Priority will be given to students who are unable to access the College within reasonable daily travel time or where the cost of this would be prohibitively expensive.

Completed applications should be received before 25th August 2017. Late applications will only be considered if funds permit. For applications received before 25th August 2017, the College will notify students of their allocation before 1st September 2017.