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08 February 2017

Budding artists inspired by Wiltshire Sculpture Park

With an upcoming project of ‘structures’ in mind, the budding artists set out to find inspiration from an exhibition of world-renowned, contemporary sculptors at the Wiltshire park and gallery.

An unexpected installation utilising scaffolding and electricity, by Nathan Coley entitled ‘You Create What You Will’ welcomed Level 1 and 2 students, who commented on the vibrant lights reminding them of a fairground, expecting sculptures which fit in with the landscape more.

The students busily sketched in their pads as they roamed around the park listening to the centres Educations Assistant, Beth Biddiss, share her extensive knowledge of the context behind each sculpture, taking notes of the different materials artists used and their choice of settings and installation, provoking ideas for their own projects.

Art and Design lecturer, Lee Knights, who accompanied the students, said: “The New Art Centre offers a diverse range of arts giving the learners lots of opportunities to interpret the objects in different ways.

“Back in the studio, the students will be creating their own three dimensional art pieces and this trip aims to make them really think about how and where they may place their objects when exhibiting.”

Art student twins, Sebastian and Laurence Allard from Donhead St Mary, said: “Our art trips always inspire us to find new ideas when creating our own work.

“The sculpture park is like a wonderland where there are loads of abstract sculptures in settings you wouldn’t expect which we have never seen before.”