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Former Horticulture student to showcase winning design at BBC Gardeners World show
12 June 2017

Former Horticulture student to showcase winning design at BBC Gardeners World show

A former Horticulture student from Lackham is putting the final touches to her winning design, which will be on show at the BBC Gardeners World show.

Nia Blake was thrilled to find out earlier this year that her ‘Inspired by Kew’ design to commemorate 50 years of Gardeners World was selected by judges who said: “We really liked your scheme and are please to say it had been accepted into the show as the representative Beautiful Border of the BBC Gardeners World Magazine!

“We particularly enjoyed the theme of your border centred on the herbaceous border of Kew Gardens and feel that great expertise has been shown in the design with an excellent choice of plants for the June summering period.”

The 47-year-old from Studley, in Calne, said: “I thought it was absolutely amazing when my design was accepted for the show as I didn’t think I would really get through, let alone have the winning design.

“I have been busy creating the border to be in all its glory and this has been quite stressful with some plants flowering early, some not flowering and plant changes due to the time of the show.

“It is the first show I have every exhibited at and I am really very excited about it.”

Nia’s design was inspired by Monty Don’s visit to the largest herbaceous border in the world, which he described at the time as a ‘once in a lifetime experience’.

She then visited herself and loved the way the plants were grouped together in different zones to reflect botanical and horticultural science, whilst creating an exciting visual display of colour, texture and shape.

Nia hopes those visiting the show and her exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham from June 15-18 will “be inspired by the science of the groupings whilst enjoying the visual display”.

Nia completed the Level 3 Horticulture course in 2016 and said it enabled her to change career and do something that she loved.

She said: “I have had a love of gardening for years and it was the right time for me to give up work, go back to college and do something that I love.

“I really enjoyed the course and it enabled me to extend my knowledge about plants, learn good garden practice, meet and be around other like-minded people.

“I also particularly enjoyed creating, growing and planting out my border using bedding plants, something that I had not ever done before.

“I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn more about horticulture.”

Horticulture lecturer Aldetha Raymond said it was fantastic to hear that Nia's design won her a place at the show.

She said: "Nia always had a soft spot for Monty Don and this is a good way to meet her idol.

"I love the fact that she has used botanical references in her design and it’s good to see her design skills in action."