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Walking boots on as 90 students face Mount Snowdon
06 June 2017

Walking boots on as 90 students face Mount Snowdon

Public Services and Sport students from Lackham, Trowbridge and Salisbury embarked on four expedition weeks touring Snowdonia. 

Level 2 and 3 learners from Lackham and Trowbridge for the first time followed the footsteps of the Salisbury site for their annual visit to the mountainous region in North Wales, which they have participated in since 2010.

The camping trip followed an autumn training weekend in the Brecon Beacons, which prepares the 90 students for the week-stay where they apply skills learnt in the classroom in everything from map reading, navigation, teamwork, communication and leadership to cooking, making sandwiches and washing up.

Scott Carthy, Deputy Head of Public Services, said: “The trip is great fun but it is hard work and you can see the students all developing as individuals from it.

“Many of them have never climbed a mountain before and it is up to them to work together and practice their skills to get from A to B.

“It is a personal challenge for all of them where they are pushed outside their comfort zones increasing their self-esteem and self-belief.”

Geared with walking boots and a day sack, the budding mountaineers climbed Mount Snowdon, Mount Cnicht or Devils Kitchen walking the ridgeline, abseiled 160ft down Mount Tryfan and had a go at gorge walking and rock climbing.

Lackham students also had the chance to zoom along Europe’s third longest zip wire overlooking the beautiful Welsh valleys.

For Carina Taylor, who is off to join the forces in September, this was her second trip to Snowdonia.

The Level 3 student from Tisbury said: “Our previous trips to Brecon and Harry Island prepares you for this, although mentally this is on a whole new level, it is really, really challenging.

“As second year students and for our personal development, we were the team leaders, briefing the groups and keeping them engaged so we could navigate them.

“In Salisbury, we have developed great team communication over the past couple of years and the trip strengthened this along with our team work and self-belief - you can always push yourself to do more.”

Jasmin Norman, studying the Level 3 course at Lackham, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, it has helped me develop my navigational skills and the experience has brought the group closer together.”

The expedition, along with many other trips the students take part in during their time at Wiltshire College, are a fun and enjoyable way for them to develop and challenge themselves as individuals, preparing them for their future careers in the uniformed services.