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14 February 2017

Salisbury student’s 5-minute film catches attention of film festival critics

‘UNHINGED’ a short film, set nestled in the New Forest, is a gripping story about a man who wants his wife all to himself and ends up doing something wrong to keep it that way; written by, directed, produced and featuring a group of five Level 3 TV & Film second year students.

Austen Lane from Salisbury, director, cinematographer and screen play, uploaded the college group project on to the Film Freeway Festival website, a platform for producers to share their work, unknowing that it would later make official selections for the ‘Best Short Film’ at both The Monthly Film Festival (TMFF) and The ModCon London Festival (TMC).

The 19-year-old said: “I have seen the other official selections and nominations that we are up against and I am incredibly flattered that they thought ‘UNHINGED’ is of the same standard of all these other amazing films.”

For his direction, cinematography and screenplay alone, Austen’s piece has been nominated for ‘Best Cinematography’ in the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival and will find out if he has placed in the spring.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting for the film to go as far as it has.

“It was just a fun project that we wanted to do to improve our skills as filmmakers.

“Considering we wrote the film in a couple of hours and shot it in just half a day with a £0 budget, we were pleased that we had a film at all, let alone it going to film festivals!”

Fellow students, James Cranham, Craig McKinnon, Charlie Lane and Makenzie Muir worked with Austen to act in, write, produce and assist with the filmmaking, taking on roles such as sound and location, production and first assistant and lead actor.

Austen said: “Studying Film & TV at Wiltshire College Salisbury has been a great help to get us all where we are today.

“We are surrounded by like-minded people and all have our own areas of interest and expertise which we want to progress onto and specialise in.

“Our course tutor, Kim McKay, is an incredible, honest support bracket and I really respect her opinion with our work.”

For work experience, Austen has recently returned from shooting as a cinematographer for a small, independent company in Scotland, which has now been circulated amongst national film festivals including Cannes Film Festival.

Austen said: “I applied for the work experience through the agency website ‘Star Now’ and have learnt an unbelievable amount from the placement.

“Mainly, I learnt set etiquette, how to be professional and make the team want to work with you rather than against you.

“We had long, 12-hour days for two weeks straight so it is important us working together and getting along in such a tight environment.

“I have since had the opportunity to work with the company on another low budget, indie feature in Italy.”

Austen discovered his love for filmmaking and the British film industry whilst shooting an open sequence for his AS Media Studies course at a local sixth form.

Surprised by the response he got and his enjoyment, he enrolled on the TV & Film course at the Salisbury campus as a natural stepping-stone to university and the industry.

He is now waiting to hear from top art universities including University Arts London and Arts University Bournemouth whether he has gained a place to study Film, which will set him on track to achieve his dreams of becoming a cinematographer or even maybe a director one day.

To find out more about our Film & TV courses at Wiltshire College please visit: https://webapp.wiltshire.ac.uk/coursestng/Category/SubCategory/149

To watch ‘UNHINGED’ visit: https://vimeo.com/189378863