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Lackham students gets award for dedication and progression
08 August 2018

Lackham students gets award for dedication and progression

A Lackham student was presented with a special award at the end of term for his dedication and progression since joining the College.

Bradley Abrey received a certificate for Outstanding Distance Travelled and Progression after completing the Routes to Sport course on a bespoke timetable after spending three years in Foundation Studies where he learned a wide range of skills.

As a natural leader with a passion for football, Bradley was keen to undertake work experience and supported the Active Team on campus throughout this academic year with the Sport England Tackling Inactivity in College’s project.

Bradley, 19, planned and delivered a range of activities and warm ups on a weekly basis to a group of students who weren’t keen on physical activity and quickly discovered that he was a natural at adapting lessons depending on the audience and their abilities.

Wiltshire College Active Coordinator Lucy March said: “Bradley’s commitment to engaging other students who usually sit out for all physical activities was admirable.

“Thanks to his creativity and encouragement throughout the term students would eagerly run to the sports hall for their sessions each week.”

One of Bradley’s strengths was ensuring he involved everyone and he would always ask for their input on what sorts of sessions they would enjoy and how they would run.

A particular highlight was when he organised a superhero activity to help engage an autistic student, who then went on to join in all weekly sessions.

He worked closely with Activator Charlotte Stubbs who said: “Brad never failed to impress us with his sporting knowledge and this reflected within his sports coaching.

“He is full of enthusiasm and offers expert coaching tips when helping others.

“Brad is fantastic when it comes to leading sports sessions and he makes individuals who dislike sport, love it.”

Bradley, who lives in Devizes, has now finished his course at College and said: “I love sport, whether it’s playing or watching it and so I’m proud to have helped change people’s mind about sport and that some of them really enjoy it now, just because of my sessions.”