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13 February 2018

Wiltshire College launches partnership with travel agency to give students industry experience

A one-stop travel shop has been set up at Wiltshire College for students to gain real life experience of working in the travel and tourism industry.

The partnership with Travel Options 4 U based in Bradford-on-Avon was marked with a signing between the College’s Principal Amanda Burnside and travel agent founder Jenette Spirovski at the Trowbridge campus on Tuesday 6th February.

Travel and Tourism staff and students also celebrated with a cake featuring both company logos and were delighted to welcome their first customer; a staff member looking for a summer holiday in Greece.

Amanda said: “I am delighted at the launch of this new partnership.

“It is the start of something exciting for the College and for our travel and tourism students future careers.”

The travel agency, which will open three times a week in Trowbridge, will enable students to be the first point of contact for staff and student holiday enquiries such as checking availability, prices, packages, cruises and adventuring all over the world.

An email address has also been set up so that members of the public can send in their requests and enquiries too.

The idea came from Travel and Tourism lecturer Donna Mitchell, who has worked in travel agencies and on cruise ships her entire career.

She joined the College in August and said: “I really wanted to introduce a more practical experience for the students to put into practice what they have learned on their course.

“It will also help them to learn vital skills such as communication and gain knowledge and confidence within in the sector.

“Working with Jenette is fantastic as she has influence within the industry and gives us that employer link.”

Jenette founded Travel Options 4 U in 2006 wanting to combine her travel expertise with her enthusiasm of meeting new people and creating unforgettable holidays.

She said: “I’m very excited about this partnership as it will give students the opportunity to see the industry whilst they are still learning.

“This is a great springboard into anything and everything in travel and tourism, not just for those who want to work in a travel agency.”

Joel Horler, is a first year Level 3 Travel and Tourism student.

The 16-year-old from Radstock said: “It’s a great business venture for the students and I’m really pleased to be involved.

“I want to be a flight attendant and working in the travel shop at College will help me gain a lot of important background knowledge and information not only about destinations but finding out the best beaches to go to or the best places to dine for example so it will be invaluable to all of us no matter what job we want to go onto.

“It will also be great experience dealing with customers and meeting their needs.”

Tom Goley, 18, from Melksham, is in his final year at College.

He said: “I want to work in a travel agency when I finish my course and think this is perfect to give me an insight into what it will be like.

“I also think the experience will look good on my CV when I start applying for jobs.”

If you are thinking about planning your next holiday and would like our students to find out more information for you, email holidayoptions4u@wiltshire.ac.uk.