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14 November 2017

College partners with award winning pet care business to offer bespoke qualifications

Wiltshire College has partnered with a local business to offer bespoke training to help its franchisees gain recognised animal care qualifications.
We Love Pets is offering its team the chance to take part in the City & Guilds dog walking and pet sitting qualifications at the Lackham campus.
Joanne White, Strategic Director for We Love Pets, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for our franchisees to work towards a nationally recognised industry qualification.
“Training and continuous development is really important to us and we’re looking forward to working with Wiltshire College to offer more animal based courses to our growing team.”
The award winning We Love Pets has looked after thousands of pets since it was established in 2007, providing dog walking, boarding and day care services, puppy, cat and pet sitting services along with small animal, reptile and exotics and horse and pony care.
Since partnering with the College, the course, which is delivered on a flexible basis in the Animal Resources Centre by qualified college practitioners, has proven popular with those wanting to gain formal qualifications.
Venetia Summers, Head of Animal Care and Equine at Lackham, said: “We love working with local businesses and look forward to providing the dog walking and pet sitting qualifications to all of We Love Pet's new franchisees.
“The qualifications have been a big hit and provide a credible industry qualification, the first of its kind!”
Zoe Fletcher, a We Love Pets Chippenham franchisee, is just one of those to have taken the course.
She said: “I had a really great practical and hands on day at Lackham.
“Ryan’s knowledge and experience about dogs was fantastic.
“I'll have lasting memories from practising my bandaging techniques, which you always hope you will never have to use in a real life emergency situation, but the invaluable experience of doing this on a real dog means I feel more than capable should any such situation arise.”
The courses are delivered through distance learning online modules and practical sessions and are available to all franchises in and around Wiltshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxford and Surrey.
With jobs in pet services over taking those in zoological environments it’s a growing industry with lots of opportunity to own a business.
For more information about our part-time animal behaviour courses, visit www.wiltshire.ac.uk.