Have you ever wondered what careers there will be in 10 years time? The links below will increase your knowledge of what jobs are all about, with profiles of occupations, work conditions, wages and who who might employ you.


Create career ideas and research jobs

The following links will take you to careers software which has been designed to help you in your exploration of career ideas.


  • With The Buzz personality profile quiz, you'll discover more about what makes you tick and what you're naturally good at, all in just five minutes. Answer 4 questions, and from these preferences we can identify you as one of sixteen personality types. Most people are surprised at just how much is revealed based on these four aspects of our personality.
  • eClips is a simple search facility enabling you to check out how your favourite subjects, work skills, work settings and ideas about people you would like to work with all match to different careers. Click on the link and enter online2 as the password.
  • Kudos AD aims to inspire adults with their possible career options. A new 'compare careers' feature helps you to compare up to three careers side-by-side. The program also offers the option of entering health factors that may affect career choice.To use the Adult Directions programme, ask the college careers adviser or tutor for the licence code. Then register and start using the program. You can use it at home and college.
  • iCould provides a wealth of information about different career pathways.
  • Careers Box is home a a wide range of videos showcasing a range of different job roles available across hundreds of industries.
  • National Careers Service is home to over 800 profiles on different jobs available across the UK.


Your Local Job Market

Labour Market Information (LMI) is good quality information about what is happening nationally, regionally and locally in the job market.

It tells us national, regional and local trends within occupational sectors, geographical availability of opportunities, the skills that employers are looking for, progression routes and career paths, job and Apprenticeship vacancies.

We will all enter the job or labour market at some point. So, it’s important that we have:
Up to date, accurate and unbiased information about the occupational sectors we are interested in, and the skills to be able to interpret the information to help make choices.

The sites below will help you get to grips with LMI




Work tasters and volunteering are an excellent way of finding more out about different jobs, networking to make links with prospective employers and gaining valuable experience to get your foot in the door in a hard to crack work area or University course. It also gives something back to the community!

explore the websites below for more information on volunteering opportunities both in the UK and internationally.