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HND students raise awareness about staying safe online

Published: 16/02/2017

Staying safe online and sexting was the focus of an awareness campaign hosted by HND Health and Social Care students.

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Zina and Rachel raised awareness of sexting on being safe online as part of a project for the HND in Health and Social Care.

Zina Lungu and Rachel Thomas took over the reception area at the Trowbridge campus to share their research with staff and students.

Rachel said: “There is a lot of information for younger age groups on both online safety and sexting, but we found there wasn’t a lot for older people and learners of a college age and so we wanted to change that.

Zina said: “The internet plays such a big role in people’s lives and sexting particularly is a big issue so we wanted to highlight the dangers as well as teach people how to stay safe."

The higher education students, who are in the second year of their qualification, started working on their health promotion campaign at the start of the academic term and organised different displays, activities and sourced information for their campaign.

Students and staff visiting their stand last month were able to take part in a fun Twister game which highlighted the different way people share photographs using social media, pick up leaflets and offer advice to anyone who may have had any concerns.

They also produced presentations and sourced promotional videos to display on the TV screens around the campus.

Rachel said: “The campaign went well.

“Although some students felt a little embarrassed initially when we asked then to come and look at the stands, we heard lots of students talking about the posters as they walked past.

“We wanted to raise awareness and provoke discussions and we achieved this.”

Leah Songhurst, is the HND lecturer.

She said: “Once again the Health and Social Care HND learners demonstrated that they are able to respond to current issues facing youngsters and adults.

"Rachel and Zina achieved their remit and helped raise awareness of the implications of sharing images."

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