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Horse Management students jump at chance to join course building team at Badminton
24 May 2017

Horse Management students jump at chance to join course building team at Badminton

Horse Management students were thrilled to attend one of the most prestigious equine events in the country.


Equine lecturers selected 16 Level 3 students from the Lackham and Salisbury campuses to work and represent Wiltshire College at the Badminton Horse Trials, which took place earlier this month, as a thank you for their hard work and outstanding commitment to their studies during the academic year.


Horse Management lecturer Cathy Pilgrim said: “It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to send some of our students to such a prestigious event every year.


“It is a great experience for them to see first-hand the work that goes into an event of this size and also show them the range of different careers available in the industry, which they could progress on to whether it be event management, course builders, photographers, grooms and much more!


“It is always a lovely way to reward them for their hard work each year and it is nice for the students from across the two sites to come and work together.”


The equine students joined the event’s course building team playing the crucial role assisting with arena partying and building, painting and building jumps in preparation for the Sunday’s show jumping and re-building the jumps during the competition on the day, with students Lilly King and Phoebe Spring caught in the action on the Badminton highlights film.


Working on the side-line, Alyce Lane, 19, from Salisbury said: “The whole experience was amazing, you just wouldn’t get the same feeling if you were sat in the stand watching it.


“It is a high-profile event which meant we had to get it right but we were all made to feel as important as each other.


“We were part of the events team which meant we were dining in the evenings with other workers and most of all jockeys we have grown-up watching on TV!”


For many of the students this was their first time attending Badminton Horse Trials and 17 year-old Phoebe Spring said she felt particularly privileged to be given the opportunity.


She said: “At school I was never noticed for anything, so being recognised for my work at college has made me feel really appreciative of the opportunity that I may not have ever been given elsewhere.”