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11 May 2017

Police officer talk gives Criminology students fascinating insight into equality in the workplace

Criminology students were fascinated to learn more about equality in the workplace during a visit from a serving police officer.

Sgt Ronnie Lungu spoke to HNC and HND students at the Chippenham campus about the work that Wiltshire Police does to highlight how equality and diversity are supported within the force.

Ronnie, who is passionate about educating young people and talking about subjects such as discrimination, Positive Action and equal and unequal opportunities, said: “Wiltshire Police is striving to be a ‘world class’ organisation in an increasingly diverse society.

“I am proud to be a police officer, what we stand for and the way in which we police by consent.

“Therefore, to achieve our world class status we need to reflect the communities we serve, which is why talks like these are really important to me and the organisation.

“The talk to students was an opportunity to showcase our journey and aspirations and I would like to thank the college for having me.”

Ronnie, chair of the Wiltshire Black Police Association, has been a victim of discrimination and can talk from personal experience to support the students unit on Fair Treatment in the Public Services.

Answering questions about his experiences and actions, Ronnie told students about the positive changes such as discrimination laws, the Crime Disorder Act and crime policy improvements.

HNC student Caroline Norcott said: “The talk from Ronnie has tied up everything I have learned on the course.

“Discriminations and diversity is one of the assignments we have to do and Ronnie has brought all my learning together from his point of view.

“It was very interesting and helpful.”

Annabelle Lea is studying the HND programme and said: “I thought it gave a really interesting insight not just into the police force but society as a whole and Ronnie’s talk make me reflect on issues that I would never have thought of or considered.”