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Former art student becomes official Guinness World Record holder
13 September 2018

Former art student becomes official Guinness World Record holder

Betsy Bond drew quite the crowd at the Chippenham campus when she unveiled her giant knitting needles at the end of year Creative Art exhibition last summer, impressing staff, students and the general public as well as the local mayor and media.
But she had to wait until December to find out she had officially broken the record and then wasn’t allowed to tell anyone until the new 2019 edition was released last week!
Betsy, aged 31, said: “It has been quite a while since I found out that I had been successful in my attempt to create the world largest knitting needles, but I actually didn’t find it too hard to keep it to myself as I knew it would be much more exciting to share with everyone when the book was published.
“It has been a good week and I’ve been quite busy taking part in television interviews and photo shoots.”
This latest record book celebrates the ‘maker’ movement and has a feature dedicated to those who designed and built super-sized items - including Betsy’s knitting needles which measured a staggering 4.4 metres in length and were 9cm in diameter.
To promote this, Guinness World Records came out to take photographs of Betsy with her needles and also filmed an interview with her about the challenge.
She was also asked if she could knit the front cover of the book as an addition and said she found that more difficult than giant knitting!
Betsy, who lives in Dauntsey Lock, said: “When I was asked to knit the cover, I thought I can’t do that especially as it meant knitting with seven different colours at one time.
“But then I thought of course I can because I have a World Record and what another great opportunity to develop and grow.”
Betsy was taught to knit by her mum Gillian as a youngster and discovered giant knitting in 2010.
“Knitting also struck up a lot of conversation with people, especially when I started to giant knit,” she said.
“The skill has connected humans for centuries and is a skill passed on through generations.
“By creating the largest knitting needles I hoped to help communicate with people more, create conversation, share and pass on skills and I think I have done just that!”
Until her challenge the largest needles she had knitted with were 60cm in length and 4cm in diameter.
Betsy, who returned to College after years away from education to pursue her passion for art, will be visiting the Chippenham campus later this month to talk to new Art & Design students about her record and also progressing onto university to study Contemporary Arts Practice at Bath University.
To see more photographs from Betsy's challenge visit our Facebook page.