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Wiltshire College graduates get films shown in Hollywood
18 May 2018

Wiltshire College graduates get films shown in Hollywood

Two graduates from Wiltshire College have had their films shown in Hollywood after making it to the semi-finals of an international competition.

Will Stone and Jahn Ramis were the only university students from the UK to be successful in the Student World Awards 2018, which attracts strong competition from the best film schools across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

The Manor was directed by Will and reached the semi-finals in the Best Film, whilst Jahn was up for Best Director for Harding & Son.

The films were screened at an awards ceremony in LA earlier this month and despite not reaching the finals, the pair are thrilled that their work has been seen in front of high profile industry professionals.

Will said: “I was flattered to know that professionals were watching the film and that it got screened in the States.”

The Manor has already received success after winning Best Drama at the Royal Television Society’s Southern Student Awards earlier this year.

The action short, saw second and third year students come together to write, cast, direct and shoot the piece which tells the story of two soldiers on opposing sides.

Will, aged 23, who is now living in Bristol and making his own films, said: “I think The Manor has been successful because it operates on a number of levels.

“For one, its cinematography, editing, effects and acting are largely on-point and it carried emotional value with its story and characters, which is incredibly challenging to achieve in under 10 minutes.

“I hope that the awards and being shortlisted will do things for me personally and my career.”

Since graduating, Jahn has worked as an assistant director on the critically acclaimed Armando Iannucci film The Death of Stalin and he is currently third assistant director for BBC’s Call the Midwife.

The 23-year-old said: “To know that someone has watched my film halfway across the world and has connected with someone enough to reach the semi-finals felt great.

“I think it was successful because it’s a simple story told in a simplistic way.

“It’s also timeless, period-less film about a father and son relationship which I think people can connect to in some way.”

“I want more now!

“I’m really hoping it has wider success as I enter it into more festivals.”

Rebecca Bond is a lecturer on Film Production and Cinematography course, which is validated by Bournemouth University.

She said: “This is such great news for Will and Jahn and they are very talented, dedicated and hardworking.

“It’s also great news for us as we were the only university from the UK to get into the film categories.

“Hollywood is the heart of commercial and so having films shown where all the big names are, is a big deal.”