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15 February 2018

Former countryside lecturer returns to Lackham to help prepare students for life in gamekeeping and conservation

A former countryside lecturer returned to Wiltshire College to talk to students about his new job role and carry out mock interviews to prepare them for life after college.

Liam Stokes interviewed Level 3 Land and Wildlife Management students at the Lackham campus, who were applying for roles as game and conservation officers, to give them experience of preparing for an interview, putting together a presentation and answering questions confidently.

Liam, Head of Shooting Campaigns at the Countryside Alliance, said: “It was great to come back to Lackham and see that everything is going so well.

“The gamekeeping and conservation students were really sharp and engaged, exactly the sort of people that our rural industries need.

“I have interviewed for many roles in different organisations so was providing the most realistic interview experience possible for the students and hope that my feedback will prepare them for the real thing.”

Will Fleming is a second year Countryside Management student.

The 18-year-old said: “The mock interviews were really helpful as it helped us learn some important skills and then also have a chance to review it afterwards.

“I definitely think it helped prepare us for the world of work.”

Liam then talked to students about his role at the Countryside Alliance since leaving Lackham after seven years, in 2015, and other topical issues such as the role shooting plays in managing the landscape and conservation benefits of shoot management.

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