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22 January 2018

Staff and students get free winter safety checks from Automotive students

Automotive and Maintenance Repair students and apprentices from the Trowbridge campus have been offering free winter checks to staff and students over the past couple of weeks and throughout December.

Vehicles require the most care and attention throughout the winter months and the important checks our students do not only ensure the safety of vehicles on the road, but it also forms part of their work experience.

Checks that the students carry out include tyre pressures, all lights, oil, brake fluid, windscreen wipers, battery security, screenwash and coolant levels.

Joe Lincoln, a Level 2 apprentice, works in a garage and has been doing checks on vehicles since he started his training.

The 19-year-old from Chippenham said: “I have been working in a garage and so have learned about the checks that are needed, but it is really good to put them into practice more at College and as I am a bit more confident than some of the others, I am quite efficient at carrying them out.

“I also think it has been nice to carry out these checks for staff and students to make sure their vehicles are safe on the road.”

Steve Cotton is a Motor Vehicle lecturer at the Trowbridge campus.

He said: “This is a really good experience for our students and forms a part of their work experience.

“It offers them motor trade experience similar to what they would get in a garage but in a controlled environment.

“It also encourages research in their auto data information and problem searching.

“It has also been good for those having their cars checked as we have found lots of things that warrant attention, including no oil and bald tyres.”