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Wiltshire College is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence. Therefore students are expected to adhere to the licences and good practice the College subscribes to in relation to Copyright.

Please therefore review the College's guide "What is Copyright?"

The copyright leaflet is a handy summary which you may find useful.

Look through this guide on copyright good practice but remember that you can always ask your teacher, tutor or any of the library staff if you have any queries.

You can also do this by emailing your campus library via the Q&A section of the library pages

Don't forget the useful powerpoint guide on how to write essays, do research and create bibliographies.

Plagiarism is also an important issue to be aware of - please visit the plagiarism guidance page.

Another way to make sure you can copy the material you want to use have a look at the Copyright Navigator which has been produced for FE students by the Copyright Forum

For details of the participating digital publishers please visit this page.

If you have any further questions please email janet.waters@wiltshire.ac.uk - Head of Learning Resources Centres or Neil.goddard@wiltshire.ac.uk - Senior Reprographics Technician

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