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Topic: Writing skills

Skill: Capital letters

Capital letters begin sentences

Always begin a sentence with a capital letter.

The house is on fire. We play cricket in the summer. Every shop is full of customers. Write out these sentences putting in capital letters where they should be.
  1. many people live in towns.
  2. he wrote engine numbers in his book.
  3. ice-cream is lovely in summer.
Write out these pairs of sentences, putting capital letters where they should have been used.
  1. the postman brings letters. he puts them through the letter box.
  2. the lecturer was annoyed with Michael. he was late for class.
  3. help me lift this trunk. it is very heavy.

Capital letter for I

When we use the letter I as a personal pronoun to mean 'me' it is always written as a capital letter.

I took my mother shopping last week. Last week I was unwell. I missed 3 days of college.

Write out these sentences, using a capital letter for 'I' whenever it is on its own.

  1. i got up early this morning.
  2. He said i was in the wrong, but i knew i was right.
  3. He and i went out together. i don't think i'll see him again.

Capital letters begin names of people

Names always begin with a capital letter, both first names and surnames. These are proper nouns.

My friends are Jack Smith and David Jones. Brenda and Margaret Harris are sisters. Miketook his dog Rover for a walk. Write out these sentences, putting capital letters where they are needed.
  1. When jack was ill, his mother sent for the doctor.
  2. I saw mary in the park. She was looking for her dog patch.
  3. susan sits next to christine walker in class.

Capital letters begin titles and names of people

President Roosevelt met Mr. Churchill. We saw Queen Elizabeth in London. Earl Haig was a famous soldier.

Where titles of relations are used instead of, or with, actual names, begin the titles with capital letters.

I had a present from Aunt Carol Mother took me out to tea. Write out the sentences and put in the capital letters where necessary.
  1. admiral Nelson commanded the English Navy at Trafalgar.
  2. captain Scott died on an expedition to the South Pole.
  3. We met mr. and mrs. Green in the street.
  4. queen Victoria reigned for 65 years.
Write out the sentences, putting capital letters where necessary.
  1. I asked mother for some money.
  2. uncle George is coming to stay next week.
  3. I saw aunt Mary in the shop.
  4. grandfather is about to celebrate his ninety-fifth birthday.

Capital letters begin names of places

Names of cities, towns, counties, countries and continents always being with a capital letter. These are also proper nouns.

Newport and Swansea are towns in Wales. Wiltshire and Somerset are counties in England Ethiopiaand Somalia arecountries in Africa. Write out these sentences correctly, putting in capital letters where needed.
  1. japan is far away from england.
  2. A great deal of tea is grown in india and sri lanka.
  3. The atlantic ocean is on america's east coast; the pacific is on the west.

Words that are made from the names of places always start with a capital letter.

We like English lessons. French people live in France. Many Americans travel to our country. Write out these sentences, putting capital letters where they should have been used.
  1. Many sheep are reared on welsh mountains.
  2. The spaniards like to watch bullfights.
  3. At home I have a persian carpet which I bought in iraq.

Capital letters begin names of weekdays, special days and months.


I was ill on Saturday. We go to church on Good Friday. I visited friends on the Bank Holiday in August.

Write out these sentences putting in the capital letters where necessary.

  1. The cricket season lasts from may to december.
  2. Many people go on holiday in july.
  3. Christmas day is on December 25th and boxing day is the 26th.
Have you remembered what you have read? Revise this worksheet by putting the capital letters into these sentences.
  1. i am going to jane and pete's on saturday. they live in kent.
  2. we are spending christmas with my parents and going to my sister's at new year.
  3. our doctor, mr. hill, is very good. he's been at the lodge road surgery for 20 years.
  4. Sue and jo are going to madrid in spain for for their holidays. i think they will be away at the beginning of july.
  5. queen mary was the daughter of henry the eighth.

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