Meet the Staff

Di Dale

Principal and CEO, Wiltshire College

Di Dale - Principal and CEO, Wiltshire College

Di has worked in the Further Education sector for 29 years and previously worked in education as a secondary school teacher of French, German and Spanish. Wiltshire College is Di’s sixth college and second as Principal. With a strong track record in turn-around assignments, Di has significant experience in Quality Improvement. She has been a regional and UK Assessor on the EFQM UK Excellence Awards, an Ofsted Inspector of secondary schools and an Associate Inspector in the Further Education sector.

Di graduated from Lancaster University, pursued a teaching qualification at Warwick University and then completed a Masters in Contemporary European Politics at Aston University. She remains keenly interested in links with Europe, and European education systems. She is currently undertaking doctoral research into the 14-19 phase and has experienced first-hand commitment in Europe to vocational education, training and apprenticeships.

Throughout her career in the FE sector, Di has been a keen promoter of skills and practical and applied programmes of study at all levels. She is a member of the AoC National Sustainable Development Portfolio Group and Quality Improvement Portfolio Group, chairs the AoC SW Region Sustainable Development and Estates Network Group, Vice chair of AoC South West Regional Committee and a board member of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges.

Did you know?

Wiltshire College is situated at the very heart of Southern England and by train is:

90 Minutes from London
22 Minutes from Bath
67 Minutes from Oxford
65 Minutes from Wales
84 Minutes from the South coast