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What happens at the First Session?

It's up to you!

The Counsellor will spend a few minutes talking about confidentiality and how records are kept. This is to help you feel confident and secure in talking about your concerns.

Click here for information on Confidentiality.

Counselling is a two-way process and, as with any new relationship, it can take time to build trust and feel comfortable. You are not expected to share everything! Also, it can take more than one session to feel OK about discussing difficult issues but, in general, the more open you feel you can be about relevant information the more productive counselling is likely to prove.

You may want to talk to the Counsellor about why you think it might be helpful to talk to someone or you may want to ask questions about counselling and how the Counsellor may be able to work with you to help you. During the first session you will decide with the Counsellor whether you want to arrange more sessions.

Please contact your Counsellor if you cannot make an appointment. If you miss an appointment without notice your Counsellor will contact you to rebook. If you would like to be reminded about your appointment please ask your Counsellor and they can arrange to contact you.

If you miss two consecutive appointments your Counsellor will assume that you no longer want counselling. At certain times of year the Counselling Service is very busy and may have a waiting list. If you miss 2 appointments you would then drop to the bottom of any waiting list.

Please remember you are welcome to come back to counselling at any time.

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