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Wiltshire College Sexual Health Clinic

Wiltshire College Contraceptive and Sexual Health Service

Young people aged 16-24 are the group most at risk of sexually transmitted infections. In Wiltshire 1 in 12 young people test positive for Chlamydia, and in some areas of the county it is much higher.

Wiltshire college has a Contraceptive and Sexual Health service on campus, find out a bit more about the service and how you can use it!

The Contraceptive and Sexual health service is provided by the Terrence Higgins Trust. It is a free, confidential service, available to students at the college.

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You can come to the clinic for:

  • Free condoms and No Worries C-Cards

  • Hormonal contraception including:
    The oral contraceptive pill (combined and progesterone only)
    The implant
    The Depo-Provera injection
    The contraceptive patch

  • Emergency contraceptive pill:
    This needs to be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex so do not delay. The sooner it is taken after sex, the more effective it is. If you have missed the 72 hour window you can still visit the clinic as soon as possible as there are other options and support available.

  • Pregnancy testing and support

  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections including:
    Hepatitis B
    Hepatitis C

  • Treatment for Chlamydia

  • Advice and information on sex and relationships

Free Chlamydia test kits are available to under 25s via the www.freetest.me service.

Our Nurse

The service is delivered by Jessica Oke, our community contraception and sexual health nurse. You can contact Jess with any questions or to refer a student to the service by emailing thtwiltshirenurses@tht.org.uk or calling 07436 108043.

Health Promotion Specialists

There are a team of Terrence Higgins Trust health promotion specialists and volunteers who you may see from time to time on campus. They do training and raise awareness about sexual health. Feel free to ask them questions!

Jessica Oke is the nurse manager for THT Bristol and West and the clinic coordinator, if you would like to discuss anything regarding the service you can contact her on jessica.oke@tht.org.uk or call 07436108043.

Virtual waiting rooms

We have virtual waiting room cards for each clinic. If you don’t fancy hanging around to wait for the clinic nurse to be free you can use a virtual waiting room card. You just need to fill in the card, pop it under the clinic door and the nurse will text you when she is ready to see you. Completely discreet and no hanging around!

Clinic opening times:

Every Tuesday
Trowbridge Campus 10:00am - 12:00pm
Chippenham Campus 1:00pm - 2:15pm
Lackham Campus 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Lackham Evening clinic 5:00pm - 6:15pm

Our Clinic at Salisbury

The Drop In Sexual Health clinic on the Salisbury campus is run by NHS nurse Chris.

Clinic opening hours – Tuesday 11am- 1 pm – Student Life Hub

Terrance Higgins Trust Young People Friendly

If you have been affected by any issues and would like some support please visit www.wiltshire.ac.uk/information/student_support/counselling/.

UK Sexual Health Awards

Nominated in the UK Sexual Health Awards:

Arc Theatre Lackham House Lackham Farm Motor Sport