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Our commitment to parents

Engineering Students

Parents can be assured that the college will meet the commitments made in the College Charter.

In addition the college will, in respect of students at the college under 18:

  • Provide a Personal Tutor to monitor, support and promote the progress of a student
  • Provide learning support and the range of customer services as described in the College Handbook
  • Keep parents informed about the progress and achievements through regular written reports
  • Invite parents into college to discuss progress and achievement at least once a year
  • Inform parents if there are any concerns about attendance and performance
  • Inform parents in writing of any disciplinary action to be taken as a result of a breach of the Code of Conduct
  • Respond to a request for a meeting between parents and tutor within 5-working days
  • Take health and safety concerns seriously and ensure that learners adopt safe working practices
  • Conduct appropriate risk assessments and request parental consent for off site activities organised by the college
  • Inform parents of any accident if it necessitates the services of a First Aider and/or referral to hospital
  • Respond vigorously to any incidents of bullying, victimisation or harassment
  • Meet the standards for the supervision of residential students as established by the Commission for Social Care
  • Comply with college policies on Admissions, Child Protection, Data Protection, Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities as detailed on the College website or available from College receptions

The College/Parent Partnership

The College is dedicated to high standards of learner achievement through effective teaching, training and support.

We aim to add value to a learner's knowledge, abilities and skills and ensure that they acquire appropriate work place and study skills in order to fulfil their aspirations and meet the expectations of employers and universities.

We believe that this can only be achieved in partnership by listening to our learners, their parents and employers.

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