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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any financial help available for students?

A: For some groups of students, i.e. those who are in Care, Care Leavers or those who are on Income Support and live independently from their parents/guardians will be eligible for a bursary.

Other students who face genuine financial hardship to staying on in education may also be eligible for a bursary to help with costs such as transport, food or equipment. Further details will be provided as they become available.

Application forms and full details of the 16 -19 Bursary Scheme are available from Student Services.

Eligible students should complete an application form and send it to Student Services at the campus they will be attending with the required evidence as soon after 15 August as possible.

Students can apply throughout the year but funds are subject to availability so early application is advisable.

Further information on financial support available to students can be found here.

Q: What will students need to buy for their course?

A: This varies. Some courses will require students to buy protective clothing, uniform or equipment. Others expect participation in residential visits and trips. This is made clear at interview and on the Course Information Sheets. Students receiving EMAs are expected to use some of this money on course related expenditure.

Q: How much coursework/homework will my son/daughter have to do?

A: This varies from course to course, but all students will have to complete some written assignments. Every student will have a Programme Handbook indicating the number and frequency of these assignments. Assignments are designed to be demanding and meet a number of assessment criteria. Students should not underestimate these demands and plan ahead, spread the load of work and comply with strict deadlines.

Q: How often will I receive written reports?

A: Full-time programme teams are required to send written reports to parents (of under 18s) at least twice a year.

Q: What do I do if I am concerned about my son/daughter's progress?

A: Contact your son/daughter's Personal Tutor and discuss your concerns. They may suggest you come into College and discuss the matter in person.

Q: Should I inform college if my son/daughter is going to be absent?

A: You should inform the tutor giving reasons for absence.

Q: Will I be informed if my son/daughter misses classes?

A: We do not insist that tutors inform parents about every absence but many tutors do contact parents if a student does not attend. If a student is absent for several days without notification, or if the student is absent regularly from particular classes, a parent can expect to be informed.

Q: What do I do if I think my son/daughter is being bullied?

A: Although this is rare this should not be ignored. Listen to your son/daughter. Encourage them to discuss the problems with their tutor. If they are unwilling and you feel the problem is affecting their progress at college contact their tutor and request a meeting to discuss.

Q: What provision is made for sport, clubs and other activities?

A: Such activities are not compulsory in college but are important for health, fitness and experience of working in teams. An extensive range of sport and other activities is offered to students at Lackham on Wednesday afternoons and opportunities exist through the Community Campus programme for students to participate in health awareness, teambuilding, sporting activities and the Millennium volunteer programme.

Q: What is the college's attitude to students having part-time jobs?

A: As long as this does not distract a student from the course and completion of assignments we regard such self help as beneficial, especially if the work is in an area relevant to the course. Students should not do more than 14 hours paid work per week and should restrict this to weekends and holidays.

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