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Information on this page is intended as guidance only.

Off-Campus Accommodation


The cost of sharing a house (rent & rates only) in Wiltshire starts from approximately £60 per week depending on the house size, number of people sharing and whether household bills are included. Most host families would also offer this facility inclusive of all bills (except telephone) and a wireless broadband connection for a fee of £70-90 a week.

Full Board (including weekend)

This involves staying with a family and includes B & B and evening meal – from £120 - 130 per week inclusive of all bills (except telephone), and a wireless broadband connection.

Full Board (excluding weekend)

Details as above – from £100 -110 per week (Monday to Friday only)

Bed and Breakfast

Only suitable for temporary accommodation – from £30 - £50 per night. Available from private providers and businesses

Some Letting Agents in North & West Wiltshire – Chippenham, Lacock and Trowbridge

Straker Goodman
33/34 Market Place
01249 652717
Atwell Martin
2 New Road
01249 447777
Allen & Harris
37 Market Place
01249 655255
Davies & Davies
7 Fore Street
01225 353200
Kingston Saunders
5 Fore Street
01225 777720
Town & Country Letting
9 Fore Street
01225 712400

Some Letting Agents in South Wiltshire - Salisbury

Martin & Co.
60 Castle Street,
Salisbury, SP1 3TS
01722 414141
Austin & Wyatt Lettings
69-73 Castle Street
Salisbury, SP1 3SP
01722 480213
Fox & Sons
6/8 Castle Street
Salisbury, SP1 1BB
01722 337691

Other Information

  • Wiltshire College collates a list of householders in the local area of our 4 main campuses who let rooms to students over the age of eighteen on the above basis. Please note this accommodation is independent of and is not endorsed by Wiltshire College.

  • If you are over the age of eighteen and would like more information regarding private accommodation liaised by Wiltshire College, please contact:
  • Bath University estimates that total expenditure for students living away from home in Bath to be £140 per week during term time.

  • You are advised to acquire a legal contract with the letting agent or householder, read it carefully before signing and secure a rent book. You should be prepared to pay a month’s rent in advance and purchase insurance for your personal possessions. For younger students, a letter of guarantee from parents underwriting your rental payments can be helpful in reassuring nervous agents and householders.

Wiltshire College can take no responsibility for the supervision of students in accommodation, other than in our Halls of Residence. We have a list of places available for off-campus accommodation at each campus. For further details of the accommodation facilities on offer, please contact us.

You may also find the following links helpful in finding accommodation:


Note: Please be vigilant on your search for accommodation. Wiltshire College is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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