How to Apply for a course

To apply for a full time, further education course at Wiltshire College –

  1. This easiest and quickest way to apply for your course is online. Click here to find the course you are interested in and press MORE INFORMATION for details of the course. You can then click the the APPLY NOW button to start your application.
    If you are unable to apply online, you can download and print off an application form here.
  2. Please note there is no need to apply for a back-up option at this stage.  If the course you have applied for is unsuitable we will let you know at interview and offer  you an alternative course.
  3. Once we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange an interview. An interview gives you the opportunity to visit the campus, meet the curriculum staff, ask any questions and talk about your decision to apply for that course. For some subjects this may include an assessment or an audition, details of which will be provided in the invitation letter.
  4. At the end or after your interview you will be offered a place to study at Wiltshire College. This may be conditional or unconditional depending on your predicted exam results.
  5. In July you will be invited to attend a Welcome and Induction Day, where you will meet your tutor and classmates and find out more about the course and campus before you start in September. It is really important that you come along to this day.
  6. You will be invited into college either on or just after exam results day to check that your grades meet the requirements for your course and to complete your enrolment. Don’t worry if they are better or worse than you expected, we will work with you to ensure that you are on the right course whatever your results.

How to apply for a part time course – courses with interviews

Some courses will require an interview prior to enrolment in order for us to identify whether the course you have chosen is the right level of course for you. These courses will have an APPLY NOW button displayed on the course information page. 

To apply -

  1. Please click the APPLY NOW button on the relevant course page and complete the application form then click SUBMIT to send us your details. You can also complete the part time enrolment form below and post it to the address provided.
  2. Once we have received your application, either online or through the post, a member of the student services team will contact you to answer any of your questions and to book a convenient time for your interview.
  3. Interviews may be in the form of a telephone discussion with the tutor or may require a visit to the campus in person to discuss your needs. Please be aware that the interview process may include a discussion about your chosen career path and suitability of your chosen course/qualification. Once the tutor has agreed that you can attend the course, they will sign your enrolment form, usually at the end of the interview. A signed form does not mean you are guaranteed a place on the course; your confirmed place will subject to availability and payment.
  4. Once your form has been signed you can visit the Student Services team to enrol on your course, make any required payments and confirm your place.

How to apply for a part time course – courses without interviews

A number of our courses are available for enrolment and payment online. These courses do not require an interview. All you have to do is click the ENROL NOW button on the relevant course page, click checkout and then complete the enrolment form and pay for your course.  You will receive an email confirmation once we have received your details and we will then send you out a confirmation letter.  Please bring this on the first day of your course.


Money Matters - everything you need to know about paying for your course.

  • Is your employer paying?

    If your employer is paying for your course, please ensure that they complete the Employer’s Undertaking Form and send it with your completed enrolment form. Please ensure you also complete your employer’s details on the enrolment form. Click on the following link to download a copy of the Employer’s Undertaking Form.
  • Can you pay by instalments?

    If the fees for your chosen course are more than £150 you may be eligible to pay by instalments. A deposit of 25% of the total fee plus £20 administration fee must be paid at enrolment to secure your place on the course and if you withdraw from the course early, full payment is still required. Three further instalments of 25% each will be payable over the following three consecutive months, (starting with October for courses starting in September).

    Instalment applications must be made in person, (please remember to bring your bank details with you in order to complete the Banker’s Standing Order form).

    Instalment payments are not available to employers, international students or students who are already in arrears with the college.

  • Will you have any additional costs?

    For some courses you may be asked to pay for additional trips, protective clothing or books. Please check the course information sheet on our website in advance, and do not buy anything until you have attended your first class.

  • When are you eligible for a refund?

    Except where the course is cancelled by the college, refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances. If you have to withdraw due to ill health and your doctor has certified that you are unfit to continue then you can apply for a pro rata refund. A £20 administration charge will apply. Refunds will not normally be issued if your employer has paid for your course.

    If the college closes a course, then we will give you as much notice as possible and you will receive a full refund.
  • Need financial help?

    Depending on your financial circumstances and the course that you are enrolling on, you may be eligible for help with costs on some courses from the Learner Support Fund. The Fund is open for application from August 2015 and help may be available with books, equipment, childcare or travel to college. The Fund is means-tested and early application is advised, as awards are limited.

    For more information, please visit:


    If you are studying a Higher Education course, please see our information sheets on for further information on funding.

Reduced Fees and Concessions

Where our courses indicate that concessions are available, the cost of the course will depend on your age and individual circumstances as outlined below. If you think you may be eligible to pay a reduced fee, please contact our Student Services team to discuss your circumstances.

  • If you are receiving income-based benefits

    For courses with this symbol UE symbol, learners who are unemployed and in receipt of at least one of the following benefits may be entitled to fee remission.

    Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance (Work Related Activity Group only), Universal Credit (mandated to undertake skills training).

    If you are in receipt of another State Benefit, are unemployed and enrolling on a course recognised as a step to employment, you may also be eligible for fee remission. Please contact Student Services to arrange a guidance interview.

    Fee remission does not apply to unemployed learners if they are undertaking a full Level 3 or above course and are 24 or over.  These students can apply for a 24+ advanced learning loan.

  • If you are under 16

    The courses in this prospectus are designed for an adult audience and we cannot normally offer places to any students under the age of 16 on 31st August 2015. Please contact our Student Services team to discuss your application. In circumstances where you are offered a place, the fees payable may be higher than those published in this prospectus.

  • If you are aged 16 to 19

    For courses with this symbol U19 symbol, if you are interested in a part time course where the fee for 16-19 is FREE, and you are currently enrolled at another school, college or other training provider please contact Student Services before submitting your application. For courses which receive Government funding we will need to work with the other school or college to agree how the course fees will be paid. If the other institution is not willing or unable to pay the fees for the funded course you wish to take then, you will need to pay course fees – in some cases these may be higher than the 19-23yrs indicated in this prospectus.

    We do not receive funding for students under the age of 19 years enrolling on leisure courses (courses ending in A0) so normally cannot enrol students on these courses. Please contact Student Services for further information on fees.

  • If you are aged 19 to 23

    For courses with these symbols UE symbol UE symbol, if you are aged between 19 and 23 and are studying for your first full Level 2 or Level 3 programme, you may be entitled to fee remission.

  • If you are over 24

    For courses with this symbol UE symbol, if you are aged 24 or over on the day the course begins and studying for Level 3 or 4 programmes, then you will be required to pay full fees. You may be eligible for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to pay for your fees. Fee remission does not apply to unemployed learners. Contact Student Services for more information.

  • Not resident in the UK/EU or EEA for 3 years

    If you have not been a resident in the UK/EEA for more than 3 years you may be required to pay the hourly overseas rate, depending on your immigration status. In some cases this may be higher than the fees published in this prospectus. Please contact Student Services for further information.

24+ Advanced Learning Loan

If you’re starting a course at Level 3 or above on or after 1st August 2015, you may qualify for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. These loans from the UK government are designed to help you to pay the tuition fees for courses at Level 3 and above.

It’s easy to apply, your household income isn’t taken into account and there’s no credit check. You won’t even have to pay anything back until your income is over £21,000 a year.

Plus, if you are using your loan for an Access to HE course and you progress on to, and complete, higher education study, the remaining balance of your 24+ Advanced Learning Loan, including interest may be written off. 

To qualify you must be:

  • Aged 24 or over (there is no upper age limit) on the first day of your course.
  • Living in the UK on the first day of your course and have lived in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for three years immediately before this.
  • Enrolling on an eligible course at Level 3 and above.

Student Finance England (SFE) will pay your agreed tuition fees to the college once your attendance on the course has been confirmed.
Please contact our Student Services team to check that you and your course are eligible before submitting your application or you can visit for more information.

Applying for University Level courses

Full time university level courses

All full time university level courses, such as Foundation Degrees and Degrees, must be applied for online via the UCAS website. You'll need to have the Wiltshire College Institution code to hand (W74) as well as the course code, which can be found on each course page.

Part time university level courses

To apply for a part time university level course, such as a HNC or HND, you must apply directly to the college. Please contact the HE Admissions team on or 01249 466806 to obtain an application form.

The completed application form should be returned to HE Admissions (details provided on the form) after which you will be invited in for an interview.

Disabled Students at University Level

University level students with disabilities or Specific Learning Needs should apply for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). These are grants to help you with the extra course costs you might face as a result of a disability, on-going health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Applying for 14-16 programmes

You must have consent from your school to apply for a 14-16 programme. To apply, you should email the School Partnerships team at for an application form which should be returned to the address provided on the form. Once we have received your application we will contact you to invite you in for an interview.