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Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs)

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs)

  1. All Public Authorities have a responsibility to do them.
  2. An EIAs purpose is to eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.
  3. It focuses on specific equality groups base on Race, Disability, Gender, Age, Sexual Orientation and Religion/Belief. (At present it is a legal requirement for Race, Disability and Gender only).
  4. It MUST involve members of the equality groups as well as others through consultation and engagement.
  5. It requires looking at all the College's activities or functions (policies, procedures, practices, services and initiatives) to see which ones are relevant.
  6. We are required to assess the impact of relevant policies, procedures, practices, services and initiatives.  (Impact can be negative, positive or neutral).
  7. We are required to make changes that eliminate unlawful discrimination and promote equality of opportunity.
  8. We are required to monitor changes to see how effective they are.
  9. EIAs provide an opportunity to develop and share good practice.
  10. The intention is to make our College a better place for staff, students and our external partners and stakeholders, local community - for everyone.
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