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Heading Higher

How to Apply


You can apply to UCAS online – it only takes a few minutes to register. When you register you will be given a username; they will only show this to you once, so take a note of it!  Ask your tutor or your campus careers advisor for the College Buzzword. This links your application to the college and helps us support you.

After you register you can begin your application. It is all online and is broken down into sections. You can save your application and return to it at any time.

Before you start – you will need a working email address. It would also be useful if you have details of your current course, like all the units you will be studying and the awarding body. If you don’t have that information, ask your tutor. You may want to start digging out your GCSE’s results: universities will want to know about those too.

Make note of the deadlines. Applications should be completed by  November 30 

Personal Statements 

It is an important part of your application, but it is also your chance to really sell yourself. Lots of help is available, so try not to worry.  Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to copy someone else’s statement – you will be caught!

Here are some “top tips” for completing your personal statement:

Click here to see examples of personal statements by subject.

UCAS Track

Visit UCAS Track here

You will log in to see which Universities have made you offers, or if you have to attend interviews. Look at the conditions of the offer carefully. You can choose one firm and one insurance offer.

If you are made no offers by February, UCAS Extra guarantees you an extra chance to get it right. If you still don't have a place by August then use Clearing.

Join forums and share other applicant’s views and experiences and tips to help you make a successful application.