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Careers Education Heading Higher

UCAS Reference writing guide (1)

UCAS Reference writing (2)

UCAS Advisers guide 2016

UCAS contacts slide

UCAS Tariff Tables 2016

UCAS Tariff CPLD 2015

UCAS Tariff A levels and AS 2015

Compact Agreements between Wiltshire College and Local Universities

UCAS Worksheet - Personal Statements

Personal Statement Guide - Alan Bullock Careers

Learning to Earning

Careers Education - Learning to Earning

1. Using Careers information

1 Progression routes Career Pilot

2. Self-awareness and decision making

BLANK Whats important in work arrows
BLANK Whats important in work flower
FILLED IN Whats important in work arrows
FILLED IN Whats important in work flower
Happiness or Success L3
Planning your future - Myers-Briggs icould
The big pay debate L3
Decision making questionnaire

3. The Labour Market

SWn NCS LMI Bulletin Tribal Dec 13
SWn NCS LMI Bulletin Tribal Jan 2014
Support for unemployed
Universal Job Match
Who earns what - wages activity
Labour market is changing
170 years of Industrial change -Youtube clip from ONS
Flyer IYS support for college leavers with PAs 05.13

4. Opportunity awareness

Options at end of College
What Next L3
What Next Bingo card L3
What Next booklet 2013 L3
Options after college workshop

5. Volunteering

Volunteer case studies
Finding volunteering opportunities
Thinking about volunteering
Why volunteer and People Bingo
The Value of volunteering

6. Apprenticeships

What is an Apprenticeship?
Apprenticeship Guide - TOP TIPS
Types of Apprenticeships - NAS
Apprenticeship case studies
Apprenticeship support pack
Ask yourself these questions
Traineeships Fact Sheet
Using Apprenticeship vacancies to apply

7. Employability Skills

10 Tips for Interview Success
Active Listening
CV workshop
Job Hunting Guide - 35 page booklet
Job Hunting Guide 2013 - in brief
Learning to Earning presentation RW 2013
LinkedIn for recruitment
Social media for recruitment v3
What do employers want
Employability skills quiz
Employability skills quiz answers
Basic rights at work
Basic rights at work - Starting work
Basic rights at work - It's all in the details
Basic rights at work - Know your rights
Basic rights at work - pay and work rights
Basic rights at work - Starting work
Basic rights at work - TUC young people
Paying Tax - Link to lesson resources and plan
Understanding a Payslip Payslip Information Sheet
Paying Tax - Payslip questions
Government Money - where it comes from
UK Tax Rates
Interview tips - Psychometric tests - Interview assessments
Work skills and Universal Job match
Universal Job match CV review sheet

8. Gap Year

Thinking of taking a gap year?
Gap Year Organisations
Gap Year- Fundraising guide
Gap Year - Safety advice
Gap Year - Section 1 Questionnaire
Gap Year- Section 2 Questionnaire
"Take a break" - Teachers' Guide