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Create Career Ideas

The following links will take you to careers software whichhas been designed to help you in your exploration of career ideas.

With The Buzz personality profile quiz, you'll discover more about what makes you tick and what you're naturally good at, all in just five minutes.

Answer 4 questions, and from these preferences we can identify you as one of sixteen personality types. Most people are surprised at just how much is revealed based on these four aspects of our personality.


A simple search facility Check out how your favourite subjects, work skills, work settings and ideas about people you would like to work with all match to different careers. 5 minutes to give you a world of options.


Using eClips is easy - click on the link above and enter this postcode: online2 as the password.

Free software for WIltshire College Students to use

Cascaid Adult Directions

Adult Directions

Inspiring adults with their career choices

Learn how to use Adult Direction Watch the demo video

A new 'compare careers' feature helps you to compare up to three careers side-by-side.

The program also offers the option of entering health factors that may affect career choice.

How to use: click here and ask the college careers adviser or tutor for the licence code. Then register and start using the program. You can use it at home and College.