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Career Planning Model

There are three stages, which overlap

Career Planning Model

Stage 1 is about getting to know yourself; what you are good at and enjoy; what you dislike or don't want to do anymore; the things that are important to you; how you usually cope with change and make decisions and important factors you want to take into account when considering what to do with your life.
The more thoroughly this stage is done, the better your career decisions will be.

Stage 2 is about finding out about all opportunities that might be of interest to you. This could be jobs, courses, voluntary work, self employment, travelling, in fact anything that you might like to do. Good research at this stage is important and will really pay off in the end.
You should be able to get a clear picture of what a career entails and decide whether it really suits you.

Stage 3 is about what steps you need to take to turn your plans into reality. This could involve tracking down job vacancies, matching self and skill profiles to job descriptions, completing CV's and application forms and attending interviews. Don't forget informal methods such as networking Be clear about what employers are looking for and what it takes to get into the career of your choice.

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