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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion - What's This?

College Charter and Policies

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Corporate Aims


Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)  August 2014  What's this?

Admissions Policy  September 2013  What's this?

Assessment code of practice  April 2013  What's this?

Attendance Policy  August 2013  What's this?

Capability Policy  November 2013  What's this?

Careers Education Policy  February 2014

Car parking Policy  September 2013  What's this?

Data Protection Policy    June 2013 What's this?

Environmental Sustainability Policy June 2013 What's this?

Quality Policy  January 2012 What's this?

Single Equality Scheme   September 2010

Safeguarding Policy  October 2014

Student Engagement Policy  February 2014  What's this?

Health & Safety Policy  March 2013

Information, Advice & Guidance Policy  May 2013 What's this?

Learner Support Fund Policy   November 2013 What's this?

Public Disclosure Policy  June 2013 What's this?

Risk Management Policy  October 2010  What's this?

Disciplinary Policy

Dignity at Work Policy

Grievance Policy


Additional Information and Guidance

Freedom of Information