Wiltshire College Charter

Students on a course of study at Wiltshire College are entitled to:

  • A systematic induction programme
  • Tuition, training and support by qualified staff
  • A copy of the course syllabus or details of the course programme
  • Equipment, resources and specialist facilities which comply with prospectus and course information sheet descriptions and support them to successfully complete their course
  • A learning plan detailing the support to be offered, for those identified as requiring additional support
  • A self referral procedure enabling a student to have a careers interview with a qualified Careers Advisor within 15 working days of a request being submitted
  • A self referral procedure enabling a student to see a qualified Personal Counsellor within 5 working days of a request being made
  • A clear code of conduct and disciplinary procedure
  • A clear and accurate description of the assessment procedure for the course, and how to appeal against assessment decisions
  • A campus environment which complies with the Health and Safety at Work Act and our duty of care under the Children's Act as amended by the Care Standards Act.
  • A course programme which provides for learning through a variety of appropriate teaching methods
  • A course which is reviewed by the course management team regularly
  • Participate in the formal evaluation of their course
  • Free access to the College's libraries and computer based learning resources, including the Internet and the College's web site services
  • The protection of human rights afforded by the College's Equal Opportunities Code of Practice
  • Clear information on the complaints procedure and the right to a written response to a written complaint within 5 working days of receipt

Detailed information available from Reception and Customer Service Centres includes the following:

  • Full-time Student Admissions Policy
  • Student Behaviour Code of Conduct
  • Disciplinary Procedure
  • Disability Statement
  • Equality of Opportunity Policy
  • Information, Advice and Guidance Policy
  • Child Protection Policy