Why do people change jobs and career paths? For some it is intentional, for others it may be brought on by recession and redundancy.

You may have been in your job too long and desperate to change? Or maybe your skills are now no longer needed giving you the chance to retrain and re skill yourself. You may have brought up a family and wish to start that career you've put on hold for years.

Changing career needs careful planning and some people encounter so many problems and unanswered questions that they never get to start their 'journey'. It costs nothing to research so don't be put off and you never know - it may change your life.

Whether you decide to sit down with one of Wiltshire College's National Careers Service Advisors or research it all yourself then the informarion below should help.


Getting advice

Living in Wiltshire and 19 or over? Get FREE Careers Advice at Wiltshire College.

If you live outside Wiltshire go to the National Careers Service site or contact 0800 100 900.


Citizens Advice Bureau can help with Debt, Housing, Employment, Welfare Benefits, Family and Personal Matters, Consumer Contracts, Legal Procedures, Education and Health

Shaw Trust is a national charity which supports disabled and disadvantaged people to prepare for work, find jobs and live more independently


People with Mental Health Problems can expect specialist help from the Richmond Fellowship who are experts at encouraging, supporting, advising, advocating and challenging people in their journey to recovery and employment.

Further support can be found from Mind and Rethink

Ex-offenders can seek advice on options in education, training and work. You can also find out how criminal records work and what your rights and responsibilities are when looking for work.

Need advice in your home language? This site offers bi-lingual leaflets in 8 different languages or the opportunity to speak to someone in that language - Gujarati, Punjabi, Somali, Sylheti, Urdu, Farsi, Polish, French.


Prefer to help yourself? Then try this Action Plan Tool.


Explore careers and find a job

Click here to find out more about how to explore different career options and find the right opportunity for you.


Try the online CV Builder to prepare yourself for job searching. You can also click here for Job Search and Application advice to help you succeed.

Find out more about Your basic rights at work.

Job Searching

Starting a new job

Jobseekers lets you search for jobs, training, voluntary work, careers.

Fish4 links you to 40,000 jobs advertised in all the major local and regional papers in the UK.

Hotrecruit lists thousands of full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal jobs. Perfect for students, from evening bar work to summer & winter jobs



Training, courses and funding






Starting a Business and becoming your own boss

Starting a business can be a scary prospect but don't be put off. There is a lot of local support wherever you live to help steer you through the initial stages and keep you on track.

Business Link South West offers a business advice and support service.

The Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise - Supporting business creation by the over 50s

Shell Live Wire also provides excellent resources and links to a network of likeminded people as well as free guides on 'Writing your first business plan' and 'Market research for the first time'.


Below can you find documents to help you plan for setting up your own business.