HND in Music

£4500 per year *

* Fees accurate at time of publishing

Duration: Two years, Full Time
Location: Salisbury

If you are interested in a career in the modern music industry, then this course is for you. Whether you want to work as a performer, producer, song writer, sound engineer, promoter or in a management role this course will develop you as a multi-skilled individual, enabled to pursue your ambition. The approach of this course is very much of a practical, vocational nature. The emphasis is very much about doing, with theory delivered and researched to enable projects to be completed successfully. There are no exams; assessment happens continually while projects are undertaken as well as through evaluation of performance.

While you will need to study and perform a wide variety of music industry roles, the course has been constructed in such a way as to provide abundant opportunities to focus on your chosen specialism. For example, if you are an accomplished musician you may want to focus on performance aspects during live events and recording sessions, whereas, if you have a technology bias you may want to focus more on the recording and engineering aspects, alternatively, management focused individuals will gain credit for organizing and running musical projects.

The Wiltshire College Salisbury campus has purpose built music studios, containing a multitude of professionally installed sound proofed rooms where you can write, rehearse and record. Four rehearsal rooms are kitted out with everything a contemporary band would need and a wide variety of additional equipment is available from our stores if you feel like going musically off-piste. Our main recording studio is based around a 24 bus Soundcraft large format console, which can be connected to any other room in the complex via a multicore patch system. Additionally, you can use the Music Technology facilities containing sixteen iMac based production suites running Apple’s Logic Pro software. Events can be undertaken in our on-site venue “The Buzz” which contains configurable staging, active and passive PA systems, mixers for both front of house and monitors, a gantry lighting rig as well as DJ and VJ equipment.

Your Experience

Songwriting Skills and Technique - The aim of this unit is to enable you to develop and use the specialised techniques of a songwriter and to foster the skills needed to bring songs to performance.

Studio Recording and Engineering - This unit aims to enable you to develop theoretical and practical knowledge of studio recording, including factors affecting audio quality, equipment and effective planning of recording sessions.

Music Technology - The aim of this unit is to enable you to apply the practical skills required to create music in Logic Pro.

Aural Perception - The aim of this unit is to enable you to listen critically to music, to transcribe and analyse it and to use appropriate musical vocabulary.

Live Sound - The aim of this unit is to enable you to operate live sound systems in our on-site venue by developing technical skills supported by relevant theory.

Music Performance Studies - This unit aims to enable you to practise and monitor your progress in order to develop as an instrumental or vocal performer.

Planning for Public Performance - The aim of this unit is to enable you to develop the skills required to research, plan and manage productions for public music performance.

Creative Arts Research Skills - This unit aims to enable you to acquire the necessary skills and techniques to undertake research in the creative arts and present your findings in an appropriate form.

Music In Context - The aim of this unit is to enable you to examine the contexts within which high and popular musical culture has evolved and continues to develop.

Critical Music Listening - This unit aims to develop your critical listening abilities necessary to function successfully as a performer, producer or engineer.

Preparation, Process and Production in the Creative Arts - This unit provides a practical framework for developing work in the creative arts, from initial and preparatory ideas through the process culminating in the production of work.

Project Design, Implementation and Evaluation - This unit aims to develop your skills of independent enquiry by undertaking a sustained investigation of direct relevance to your vocational, academic and professional development.

Composition in Context - The aim of this unit is to enable you to produce complete compositions according to given guidelines such as those provided by commissions.

Music Studio Production - The unit’s aim is to enable you to produce recordings to professional standards by developing your practical and theoretical skills.

Computer Music Composition and Production - The aim of this unit is to enable you to use the music composition, production and audio features made available by modern computers.

Live Sound Systems Specification & Operation - The aim of this unit is to enable you to operate live sound systems in medium and large venues by developing an understanding of the relevant theory and equipment specifications.

Music Performance Skills - This unit aims to enable you to develop your performance skills effectively in a professional musical environment.

Community Music Project - The aim of this unit is to enable learners to set up and run community-based music projects from the initial planning stages to the final evaluation.

Please note: Modules and course content subject to change

This course is delivered at our Salisbury campus.

The HND Programme Specification is available at this link.

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