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The College offers wireless connectivity at many locations across its various sites. The service is called Wiltscoll and is available to all staff and students.  Simply set your laptop, PDA or wireless capable device to scan for available networks and select Wiltscoll.

This service requires authentication (your College login and password) and offers access to all the College’s web based services such as eStudy, Signpost, College website etc.  You may also access the internet via this service.

Please click here for help connecting your device to Wiltscoll wifi network.

Once connected to the wireless service you should be able to access internal and external web pages, Webmail and AcademicNet.

The college has coverage in all main buildings

Chippenham Campus

Chippenham campus are using an early wifi service (OpenNet) until the new building is occupied later in 2015. They will then use the wiltscoll service described above. 

OpenNet requires no authentication to access the College’s web-based services, but this will be required if you wish to use the internet.  If you are using OpenNet you must set your browser to use our Proxy Servers – further details can be found in IT Help.

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