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Video Conferencing at Wiltshire College

The distributed nature of the College presents a significant challenge to convenient communication. Wiltshire College operates campuses around the whole of the county, from Chippenham in the north to Salisbury in the south. Video Conferencing is being piloted as an aid to communication and to reduce the need for travel.

Those wishing to use this facility will need access to equipment with a webcam and headset or conferencing speaker. You may use your own computer or utilise equipment which has been installed for room or desktop use at College locations. You may also borrow equipment through the LRCs or Divisional Centres.

See below for booking instructions.

Join Conference

Help with accessing College VCS
Enter the Conference ID and click 'Join'.

Room Based

Aimed at groups of users, the equipment required is of a larger scale and can happily accommodate groups of 12 or so. This equipment is available in K219 at Trowbridge, C112a at Chippenham, A007 (Seminar Room in the LRC) at Salisbury and L005 (Reybridge Room) at Lackham, and is supported by the ILT Aides. It should be noted that desktop/laptop users can also join the room to room conferences.

Desktop Based

This can be supported across all College sites including the divisional centres. This form of conferencing operates from any laptop or PC using low cost webcams and audio equipment enabling multiple users to communicate. Document sharing and editing is a supported feature of this software. It should be noted that the quality of video achievable is limited but all testing to date has shown the quality to be adequate.

Most Programme Areas and Business Support Functions have access to several machines equipped for video conferencing - a list of machines equipped with a webcam and headsets is available. Training can be arranged for those who wish to access this equipment.

Please contact IT Support for more information.

Booking Instructions

To arrange a video conference session send an email to VCBookings@wiltshire.ac.uk with subject line VCRequest (all one word) and you will be sent the necessary information to schedule the meeting. Whilst non-College users can participate in these meetings, the session must be requested by a member of College staff or students. Accordingly, requests can only be accepted from Wiltshire College email addresses.

If you wish to make use of the room-based facilities you should also contact RoomBookings@wiltshire.ac.uk to book the room(s) and the local ILT Aide(s) to book their support for the room-based conference.

Useful Video Conferencing Links

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