BA (Hons) Degree in Film Production and Cinematography

£9250 per year *

* Fees accurate at time of publishing

Duration:  3 years full time with a 4 Week placement or 4 Years with a year in industry.
Location: Salisbury

This course builds on more than 50 years’ experience of educating film makers and consists of a blend of practical assignments and academic study. You will work on a range of projects that will involve you directing small team productions or taking a variety of leading roles in larger scale films and productions.

You will have the opportunity to produce, direct and edit a range of adverts, promotional and entertainment videos, dramas and documentaries, which are taught in conjunction with industry professionals. You will receive technical and production advice and guidance from industry professionals in all aspects of film production skills.

You will have access to broadcast digital video cameras, non-linear edit suites, film cameras including Arriflex and Bolex, Steenbeck film editing tables, a multi-camera broadcast TV studio, radio studio, film dubbing facilities, location lighting, dollies and tracking.

Key areas of study include critical media concepts and contexts, production of a self-authored narrative film, film and cinematography project, professional studies and industry placement, concept development and producing a film project.

The course is taught by industry professionals who aim to produce graduates equipped to work in the film and television production industries. Combining practical experience with academic theory, students shoot and edit over 10,000 feet of film, 600GB of digital footage and spend four weeks on professional placement, giving you valuable insight into the industry and enhancing your employability prospects.

This course is delivered at our Salisbury campus.

The BA Programme Specification is available at this link.

Awarded by:

Bournemouth University